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Crain 37" - 23' Carpet Stretcher Model No. 500

The Crain Model No. 500 Carpet Stretcher is a reliable tool designed to ease the process of carpet installation and repair. Equipped with a push-button locking power handle, Auto-Lok tube, three extension tube sections, one transfer tube section, and a folding tail block, this stretcher is built for functionality and ease of use. With the capacity to adjust from 37 inches to 23 feet, it provides a significant range to cater to different carpet sizes, and the length can be further extended with additional tubes. The No. 500 model comes with a compact single case design, which houses all components and has wheels for convenient transport.

Best Uses:

  • Installing new carpets seamlessly across various room sizes.
  • Repairing loose or wrinkled carpets to restore a professional finish.
  • Stretching carpets in tight spaces, corners, or against walls and posts using the folding tail block.
  • Ensuring a smooth, wrinkle-free carpet surface for a professional look.
  • Great tool for both residential and commercial carpet installation and repair tasks.

Key Specifications:

  • Adjustable length from 37 inches to 23 feet, extendable with additional tubes (No. 502).
  • Push-button locking power handle for secure operation.
  • Auto-Lok tube for swift length adjustments in flexible increments.
  • Comes with a folding tail block to stretch off walls, corners, or posts.
  • Variable pin depth settings on the driving head, sans screws or screwdrivers.
  • Single case design with wheels for easy transport, ensuring all components are organized and readily available.
  • Net weight: 53 lbs.

Safety Gear Recommendations:

  • Always wear knee pads to prevent any injury while stretching carpets.
  • Ensure wearing sturdy work boots to protect feet and provide a solid footing.
  • Use gloves to prevent any abrasions or cuts from handling the carpet and the stretcher.
  • Ensure the work area is clear of any obstructions and is well-ventilated.
  • Inspect the carpet stretcher for any damages or malfunction before use.
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