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Husqvarna LT6005 Jumping Jack Compactor

The Husqvarna LT6005 is a specialized jumping jack compactor, tailored for effectively compacting both granular and cohesive soils. Perfect for tight spaces, this device is essential for tasks that require a deep, impactful compaction such as in trenches or around obstructions like pillars and pipes. Driven by the advanced Honda GXR120 engine, the LT6005 not only offers top-notch compaction but also maintains a low noise and emission output, ensuring an eco-friendly operation.

Best Uses:

  • Trench Compaction: Ideal for ensuring solid compaction in trenches, particularly during sewage system installations.
  • Gardening and Landscaping: Achieve a solid foundation or bed for planting or hardscape features.
  • Foundation Work: Ensuring the ground is compacted properly before laying foundations.
  • Repair and Patching: For mending broken patches or preparing surfaces for renovations.

Key Specifications:

  • Powered by the advanced Honda GXR120 engine designed especially for rammers.
  • Efficient at compacting both granular and cohesive soils.
  • Well-balanced design for easy maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • Low noise and emission levels for a more sustainable operation.

Safety Gear Recommendations:

  • Ear protection to reduce exposure to prolonged machine noise.
  • Safety goggles to shield eyes from any potential debris.
  • Gloves for a better grip and protection from vibration.
  • Steel-toed boots to protect feet while operating the machine.
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