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Skid-Steer Mini Pallet Forks by Berlon

Transform your mini skid-steer into a versatile lifting machine with Berlon's Mini Pallet Forks. Crafted in the USA with high-grade steel and an uncompromised attention to detail, these forks are designed to handle the toughest of lifting jobs with a remarkable weight rating of 3,500 lb. Whether you're relocating pallets, lifting materials, or managing inventory, these forks are a robust solution for a wide range of tasks.

Best Uses:

  • Efficiently managing and moving palletized goods in warehouses and construction sites.
  • Lifting and transporting materials in landscaping projects.
  • Quickly adapting your mini skid-steer for different tasks with its universal mounting plate.
  • Handling tasks in various job environments, given its compatibility with all brands of mini skid-steers.

Key Specifications:

  • 3,500 lb. fork and frame rating based on a 24” load center with a 3:1 safety factor.
  • Manufactured in the USA with high-quality steel ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Standard inclusion of a mini universal skid-steer mounting plate for broad compatibility.
  • Available in multiple lengths to suit various job requirements.
  • Compatible with all brands of mini skid-steers, ensuring flexibility across machinery.

Safety Gear Recommendations:

  • Always ensure the forks are securely attached to the skid-steer before operation.
  • Ensure the weight of the materials being lifted does not exceed the recommended limit.
  • Regularly inspect the forks for signs of wear or damage.
  • Use safety gloves and protective eyewear when manually adjusting the forks or handling materials.
  • Stay clear of the underside of lifted materials and ensure the work area is clear of bystanders.

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