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Crain Pro Stapler 615

The Crain 615 Pro Stapler is a robust, corded electric carpet staple gun well-regarded for its power, durability, and economical pricing. Its compact design with a low height makes it suitable for tight spaces like under stair risers. The stapler comes with a jam-resistant magazine capable of holding 100 staples, coupled with an easy-access driver channel for effortless removal of broken staples. This staple gun is equipped with a solenoid that facilitates driving into hardwoods, making it a highly efficient tool for various carpet and upholstery projects.

Best Uses:

  • Fastening carpets in tight spaces such as under stair risers.
  • Various upholstery projects requiring a powerful, durable staple gun.

Key Specifications:

  • Power Source: Corded Electric.
  • Staple Magazine Capacity: 100 staples.
  • Feature: Jam-resistant magazine with an easy-access driver channel.
  • Additional Feature: Solenoid for driving into hardwoods.

Safety and Usage Recommendations:

  • Ensure the stapler is disconnected from the power source before attempting to clear jammed or broken staples.
  • Always wear eye protection to prevent injury from flying staples or debris.
  • Inspect the stapler for any damage before use, and ensure it's in good working condition.
  • Use the stapler in a well-ventilated area to prevent exposure to harmful fumes or dust.

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