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BCS is the largest manufacturer in Europe of premium quality, all-gear-driven two-wheel tractors and attachments. Hundreds of thousands of customers in over 50 countries depend upon BCS quality every day to accomplish a multitude of demanding tasks -- tilling, mowing, snow removal, chipping, sweeping, etc. Today’s precision-crafted, two-wheel tractor features reversible handlebars that accommodate both front and rear-mount attachments. Its’ all-gear-driven performance provides a dramatic alternative to the belt and chain-driven single purpose equipment typically sold by the lawn and garden power equipment industry in the U.S. Honda 8 HP engine.
  • This tiller comes standard with an 8 hp Honda engine.
  • It can take a 20" or 26" tiller.
  • Its large 15” diameter tires make it both stable and easy to handle.
  • Featuring a single slow tilling speed of 0.6 mph, the tines rotate 20 times per revolution of the wheel. It’s great for the tough jobs -- breaking new ground, tilling sod, and power composting. The finely tilled seedbeds that it produces are ready to plant; no raking required. Since it lacks the faster cultivating speed of the larger models, it is especially appropriate for folks who are gardening in beds and not mechanically cultivating between rows.
  • The single reverse speed of 1.4 mph is appropriate for either the 30” or 40” sickle bar mower attachment. This “off-the-lawn” mower will make short work of controlling those portions of your property that do not need to be manicured lawn.
  • A geared reverse speed
  • A separate control to turn your implement on-and-off, independently of the wheels.
  • Anti-vibe handlebars that instantly adjust both vertically and side-to-side.

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